The Altrei lupine coffee has a history of over 100 years. The “Altrei coffee” is mentioned for the first time in writing in the biography published in 1897 about Prince-Bishop Johann Baptist Zwerger from Seckau, Graz, who came from Altrei.

Until the 1960’s, “Altreier coffee” was used as a coffee substitute and gradually replaced by coffee from coffee beans.

Some of the people in Altrei continued to cultivate and keep the plant and its seeds. Therefore, around the turn of the millennium, the Altreier lupine was discovered and cultivated again.

Since 2005, the members of the Altrei Lupine Coffee Growers’ Association have been cultivating, roasting and marketing the “Altrei Coffee”. This happens in a network between the farmers, the community, the tourism, the economy and the associations of the village.

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Altrei Lupine Coffee Growers' Association
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